The Ochil Fudge Story

Small Beginnings!

Our story begins in 2010, in an incredibly small kitchen in Alloa, under the shadow of the Ochil Hills, where we first began to create our fudge.

Initially, all we wanted to do was create traditional, delicious, quality hand beaten fudge. We’ve stuck with that idea ever since. After all, Scotland is known for great food and drink and we had a dream to be part of that, making great tasting, and great quality fudge. No additives, just the best ingredients. Simple.
We began with what we knew best, traditional Scottish Fudge and Tablet. We had some great success at farmers markets up and down the country, but we knew we wanted more, and we had a desire to be different. We became mad scientists, experimenting with our own concoctions, trying to create something never seen, or tasted, before!

Over 25 Fudge Flavours!

Our experiments with some wild and wonderful flavours birthed some amazing, and some not so amazing fudge. Through trial and error we managed to curate a range of unique fudge flavours. We never stopped and have since grown our selection of luxurious flavoured fudges to over 29 flavours and counting. Who knows how many we’ll have in another year’s time.

Our community of fudge lovers and fudgetiers have been fantastic and we always encourage them to come up with their own fudge ideas. We never back down from a challenge. We roll up our sleeves, and get ourselves to work.

Our hard work has paid off with multiple Great Taste awards for many of our fudges over the years!

Spinning Tradition to Take On The World!

Ochil Fudge Pantry has come from humble beginnings but has grown from strength to strength, conquering farmers markets up and down Scotland & England. We’ve now spread and expanded our online store to take our fudge international, and take on the World!

To ensure we produce more fudge and retain our standard, in 2018 we moved to a larger premises and expanded our team. We have grown our family, adding more people to our team who appreciate our dedication to producing Traditional Scottish Hand Beaten Fudge & Tablet, and like us want to put a unique, creative spin on it!

We love what we do. We hope you do too.

"I thought i could just have a nibble and save the rest ... I couldn't! Sooo Delicious!"

Alison Brown

"Best Fudge Ever, and my big kids 20 and 22 enjoyed for their Easter x"

Heather Sherman Weir

"I got given a wee variety of fudge as a gift from my friend. Absolutely amazing. Best tasting fudge ever. Love that it's so local to me too!"

Dawn Gibson

"Beautiful packaging, the artwork is simply incredible and the fudge itself is beyond belief. Death By Chocolate should be in everyone's stomach!"

Danny Kelly

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