Frequently Asked Questions

All the most common questions we get asked are found below. Please take the time to read through if you have any queries.

questions about our fudge?

If you have any questions relating to our products, our process, ingredients, shelf lives or other fudge related questions, please see below:

Are all Ochil Fudge Pantry products hand-made?
Are all Ochil Fudge products Vegetarian/Vegan-friendly?
Are all The Ochil Fudge Pantry products Gluten-Free?
What are the shelf life (Best Before Dates) of Ochil Fudge products?
Is there a physical Ochil Fudge Pantry store I can purchase fudge from?
Can I Freeze Fudge?
Does your fudge contain artificial preservatives?

Ordering Questions

How do I select fudges for a 4 Fudge Gift Box?
If I choose a specific fudge can you guarantee it will be available or in stock?
When will my order arrive?
Can I order for a specific date?
I have a discount code, how do I use it?
How do I cancel my order?

Delivery Questions

What courier service does The Ochil Fudge Pantry use?
Can I change delivery details after an order is placed?
Can I change delivery details after an order is dispatched?
What are my UK delivery options?
What are my International delivery options?
Can I track my order?
What happens if I am not in when my fudge is delivered?
Can I have my order delivered to another address other than my own?