Iron Brew Fudge


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Iron Brew Fudge
Irn Bru Fudge

Yes, we did it! Fudge with the unmistakable flavour of Iron Brew!

Can it really get any more Scottish? And even better it really does taste like Iron Brew!

Quite possibly the ultimate Scottish delicacy and it’s not deep-fried! One of our flagship flavours and popular wherever we go, there are Iron Brew Fudge lovers all over the world from Alloa to Oahu!

We hand beat our fudge to perfection, giving it an undeniably delightful silky smooth and creamy texture while using only the finest natural ingredients. We love being creative with the flavours of our fudge and our Iron Brew fudge is no exception.


SHELF LIFE: 4—5 weeks


You can buy our Iron Brew Fudge in individually wrapped bars or as part of a Fudge Gift Selection Box.

All products we produce are naturally Gluten Free and can be enjoyed by everyone including those with Celiac Disease or indeed anyone with a Wheat or Gluten intolerance.

All our fudges are handmade and hand-beaten using traditional homemade methods and old-fashioned recipes in small batches with a great deal of love and care.

Iron Brew Fudge
Irn Bru Fudge

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