Chocolate Orange Fudge


Homemade Chocolate Orange Fudge


Forget Terry! This deep tangy chocolate orange fudge was made just for you.

Everyone knows the tantalising tang of Orange combines well with chocolate but when you take butter rich intensely deep chocolate fudge and combine it with the pure profound zestiness of Orange essential oils, it makes your mouth dance with Chocolate Orange pleasure! This really is fudge which is just too good to share.

Chocolate Orange Fudge is one of our proper deep chocolate fudge range. The chocolate fudge range is proper old-fashioned butter rich fudge infused with high-grade dark fragrant cocoa. It has a soft crumbly texture of proper butter fudges combined with a deep flavour and it just deliciously melts in the mouth.

You can buy our Chocolate Orange Fudge in individually wrapped bars or as part of a ‘create your own’ Fudge Gift Selection Boxes which make the perfect gift for your sweet-toothed friend.

All our fudge is handmade using traditional homemade methods and old-fashioned recipes in small hand beaten batches with a great deal of love care and attention.

Minimum weight: 100g


All products we produce are naturally Gluten Free and can be enjoyed by everyone including those with Celiac Disease or indeed anyone with a Wheat or Gluten intolerance.

Allergen information: Contains MILK


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