Making Real Authentic Traditional Scottish Tablet

Written By Ben Thompson - April 08 2016


Ann Watson
October 11 2019

Hi, I have boiled my tablet mixture for approximately 45-50 minutes, than taken it off and beat it for over 10 minutes. It was looking quite thick so I then poured into the tray. I left it in the fridge overnight but it hasn’t set. It tastes lovely but it is very soft. Is there anything I can do with it?

October 11 2019

What is the weight of the bars, and boxes? Has the box got bars or individual pieces in it? Finally (sorry) where can I find a list of ingredients in the Scottish tablet and fudge. Many thanks.

November 16 2019

HI, I’ve made tablet a few times now and the first few it turn out ok but the last couple of times I’ve made it when I’ve gone to pour it into my tray after beating it it has frothed up as I’m pouring it out then as it settles in the tray, after a few seconds it seems to loose all that extra air and I’m left with a surface that is not smooth and tablet up the sides. When you taste it the tablet tastes fine it’s not grainy at all. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

Joanne Napier
November 16 2019

I love tablet. But why does my tablet sometimes bubble up and froth ( like when you add bicarb to honeycomb mixture) when at the beating stage? It doesn’t happen every time and still tastes fine, but it is harder and has an aerated texture? Curious to know where I’m going wrong (when I seem to be doing the same thing) x

November 16 2019

I’m comparing two tablet recipes to choose between: One says to cook to the soft-ball stage, and the other says hard-ball. Which is correct? (Does it matter what the ratio of ingredients are?) So many tablet recipes are so vague about cooking times and temperatures and I’ve only ever had success at candy making when I use a thermometer.

Maureen england
November 16 2019

Hi. My tablet really bubbled up as I was beating it off the heat and then wouldn’t smooth when I put it into the tin. The last batch I made was great and had a lovely smooth surface, but this time I have no idea why it bubbled up so much. Can you help please as I have tablet to make for 70 people ! Many thanks.

joani stanley-jones
October 11 2019

i am scottish, my niece sent me tablet from your factory,
was delicious, memories of mum making it when i lived in
paisley. i am hosting 6 canadians ( scrabble group )
could you air mail me some of plain tablet by 29th nov.
i want to seve scottish theme. thanks

November 16 2019

I want to bring tablet to a hot country (Japan in the summer). Can you tell me if it will melt, or if it will be ok in the heat?
Many thanks!

November 16 2019

I need to make tablet for 200 wedding guests 3 pieces in each favor box. Wedding 11th August. Can I start now and freeze it. My recipe is full proof.

Elaine Amaning
November 16 2019

Hi, I have been making lots of tablet recently, trying to perfect it. The first few times it looked perfect but didn’t really harden and was a little too grainy. Last night I did it again and this time I beat it for longer…around 10 mins instead of 5…and put the Base of the pan in cold water. It is a lovely brown colour…has set…but now for me at least the consistency is too smooth. It’s a bit too like some of the mass produced ones you can buy in Scotland which are fine but not my favourite. Help!!!

chris feeney
November 16 2019

your recipe looks good and simple but when i tried to make the tablet it did not become hard and instead resembled a hard gooey toffee mixture – what went wrong?

Alison Gemmell
October 11 2019

Hi, I’ve just tried to make tablet, although it’s the perfect colour and flavour it still is quite grainy, it’s almost set, so could I rescue the so called tablet and put it back on to heat again and would I add some more milk? I think I cooked it for about 50 mins. How can I stop the colour getting any darker as it looked just like my mums, perfect thanks

November 16 2019

My tablet is too white and pale I am wondering would full cream milk help as I used skimmed milk?
Or is it the sugar I am hoping to get something like the Staven Toffee type Tablet. (it was dark and very gritty)
Thanks for any advise. Tam

April 26 2017

Hi Helene,
Firstly I do apologise as I have never actually cooked on an induction hob before so I can’t give you an exact answer. Here is what I can tell you… do it by how it looks. Start to slowly melt the ingredients and once melted bring the mixture to the boil, once boiling lower the temperature to a steady rolling boil. Stirring all the time. depending on your volume of ingredients the whole process should not take less than about 50 minutes to make. Apologies again as I have never used an induction hob. Cheers, Susan

April 26 2017

Hi Tony,
The short answer is no. Firstly you’ll need a pan that is more than double as it’ll boil up but not in proportion. Also because you have less mix touching the surfaces it’ll take longer to cook. The recipe itself should be fine it’s your method that will have to change. Hope that helps. Cheers, Susan

April 26 2017

Hi Lorraine, Yes you can, just add a little extra liquid first. To help it melt. We’ve used a milk and melted butter mix to help the melting process, just enough to cover the base of the pan and on a low heat. Cheers, Susan

April 26 2017

Hi Kicks, yes almost anything can be melted down and turned into another creation. It might alter the texture a little. The one point to mention though is that if it has burnt then it’s time to call it a day and start from scratch. Cheers, Susan

April 26 2017

Hi Sara, I’m not sure what question we missed but we would be happy to reply if you ask again? Thanks, Susan

Sara Taylor
April 20 2017

Don’t you reply to people’s questions?

April 14 2017

I have an induction hob and no sugar thermometer.when a recipe for tablet says start on a low heat what is low and what is high when told to turn up the heat I have stood for 50 minutes with the heat on 3 to bring to boil turned it up to 4 and it burned can you help please no-one ever tells you which number you should have the pot on only either low or high which basically could mean anything! thank you

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