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Frequently Asked Questions about making Scottish Tablet

Our Scottish Tablet Recipe which is by far and away our best seller, is produced using our old family recipe which we can date back to the early 1900's.   It may well date back even earlier than that!

Using only the ingredients from the original recipe, Sugar, Milk, Condensed Milk and Butter we produce one of Scotlands oldest sweeties and remain true to the real taste of Scotland!

There are literally hundreds of variations of Scottish Tablet recipes in cook books and on the internet and every recipe has different ingredients and method variations - you could try 100 different recipes and still not find a recipe you are happy with.  Many people tell us that they have tried to make Scottish Tablet and it hasn't worked and there are so many things that can go wrong we thought we'd help a little with some answers to common problems and frequently asked questions;

Scottish Tablet Making Problems

When I make Scottish Tablet its very grainy.
There are a few potential reasons for this; It might be that you haven't managed to dissolve the sugar or it maybe that you haven't beaten your tablet hard enough or long enough before pouring it into your tray.

When I make Scottish Tablet it doesn't set.
The most common reason for this is that you haven't taken your tablet to a high enough temperature when cooking it.

When I make Scottish Tablet it turns out like toffee.
This could be because when you have been cooking the Scottish Tablet you have taken your temperature too high.

When I make Scottish Tablet it is very light in colour.
Don't rush making tablet.  It takes time (lots of time) and it takes patience...if you rush it you'll get a pale sweet but you won't get proper Scottish Tablet

FAQ's about making Scottish Tablet

 What is the difference between Scottish Tablet and Fudge?
There are two main differences the first is the sugar:fat ratios.  Scottish Tablet is higher in sugar and Fudge is higher in fat. The second difference is the temperature they are cooked to.  Fudge doesn't need to be cooked to as high a temperature as Scottish Tablet.

Where can I get really good Scottish Tablet?
Just click here to order probably the best Scottish Tablet you'll ever try!

Do you make Scottish Tablet for Wedding Favours?
If you drop us an email we can make you up a tray of Scottish Tablet for your big day.  We aren't the best at tying ribbons so we won't make it all fancy for you we just stick to what we are good at and that is making amazing Scottish Tablet and fantastic Fudge.

Can you share your recipe with us?
We get asked this question at least once a month if not more and the answer is always the same.....I'm afraid not.....its far too valuable! 

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 Scottish TabletI can't resist any longer please send me some of your amazing Scottish Tablet please!

The History of Scottish Tablet

Tablet has a long history dating back to the early 18th century where it was first mentioned in The Scots Kitchen by F. Marian McNeill. The traditional recipe uses just sugar and cream but by the mid 19th century recipes used a condensed milk and butter substitute for the cream. which reduced the risk of burnt tablet quite drastically!
The introduction of Vanilla, Nuts and other flavourings is actually quite a modern development and has happened over the last 25 - 30 years.  Our ancestors would never have used such additions because Traditional Scottish Tablet is just too good to be messed around with!

Be aware when you see Scottish Tablet being described as "Traditional" that doesn't automatically mean that the recipe is very old.  Technically as long as you can prove a recipe has been used for 25 years you can claim it is "Traditional".  Proper really old Scottish Tablet recipes never contained ingredients such as Vanilla, Golden Syrup or Glucose Syrup but to extend shelf life many companies now use such ingredients. As we don't supply supermarkets we don't need to alter the a recipe that has been in place for over a hundred years - For real old fashioned Scottish Tablet recipe bars click here